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WordPress is a very simple way to design your website or blog. You do not need to write any coding in WordPress. WordPress powers almost 37.5% of websites on the internet. WordPress is an open-source Content Management System (CMS). A CMS is generally a tool that makes it easy to manage the important features of a website.

So, “WordPress is the best and easy way to build and manage a website”. Even a non-technical person who doesn’t have any coding skills can make a website easily by using WordPress.

What kind of websites WordPress can make:

  • Blogs
  • Portfolio Websites
  • eCommerce Websites
  • Forums
  • Business Websites
  • Membership Website

In this article, we are going to tell you the 8 best WordPress tutorial websites from where you can learn WordPress easily.

Top 8 WordPress tutorials for beginners:

1. LiveLectures WordPress Tutorials:-

LiveLectures is the world’s number one platform to learn WordPress. Livelecture’s online 1:1 tutoring offers personalized learning using an interactive whiteboard for students to enhance their learning skills and improve their academic and professional performance. 

Here at LiveLectures, expert tutors give live training to students. Hence you will be having a productive environment to learn WordPress. They have a special team for WordPress tutoring services who all are experts in WordPress.

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2. W3Schools:

W3Schools also provide good WordPress tutorials. It is one of the most popular websites to learn new skills online. They have a wide number of subjects tutorials. They provide all tutorials in the written form on their website. If you want to learn from W3Schools, then click here and learn the WordPress tutorial from W3Schools.

3. WP Beginner:

WP Beginner is also a very good website to learn WordPress tutorials for a beginner. They provide in-depth tutorials and guides. They also have free video tutorials that will be available to you once you signup by email.

4. Udemy

Udemy is an online learning platform with thousands of courses including WordPress course. Once you sign up on the udemy and buy any course, all the video tutorials will come to your dashboard. There are many WordPress courses available on the udemy. Some of them are free but for better and other courses, you have to pay money.

5. WP101:

WP101 is an educational video subscription service that makes it easy for a beginner to learn how to learn WordPress They have more than 100 videos for WordPress.These lessons can be watched anytime whenever you want New videos automatically come to your dashboard whenever releases.
You can watch the first 3 videos for free, but then if you want to continue the course, you have to pay some money. Their plans start at 19$.

6. WP Apprentice:

WP Apprentice is also a video subscription service. Here you get WordPress tutorials from beginner to advanced level. 
“ Anyone who watched their video will have a solid understanding of WordPress “, this is their professional promise. But again this is also a paid course. For more than 200 video tutorials, you have to a one-time fee, starting from 47$.

7. WP setup:

WP Setup focuses on helping users to have clarity on different WordPress topics. Like WP installation, Customization, Themes, and Plugins, etc. The main advantage of this website is that it is free for everyone and you don’t even have to sign up by email for the content. Visit WP setup now and learn WordPress for free.

8. Youtube:

YouTube is the most popular platform for video content. It is available for everyone and there are thousands of WordPress tutorials available on Youtube. But it is very difficult to choose the right video as your tutorial, because most of the time, YouTubers put irrelevant content just for views and subscribers.

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