Experts say that checking car seats can reduce travel risks

This past Sunday marked the beginning of National Child Passenger Safety Week, a campaign organized by officials from all levels of government to promote safe travel for children of all ages. The campaign’s goal is to keep children of all ages safe while traveling.

Special events will be held throughout the week, according to those who are knowledgeable on the subject, in order to raise awareness about the dangers that exist on the roads and discuss the significance of using car seats in this context.

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There are approximately 2,000 children who sustain injuries while they are traveling on the roads in our country every year. Kevin Poore, who works as the Safe Kids Coordinator for the SCDHEC, identifies a number of different injuries as being among those.

Every day in the United States, 445 children sustain injuries, as stated by Juvenile Product Manufacturers Association representatives. Three people lost their lives.

“Car seats are definitely a solution to a problem,” says Joe Colella, Director of Child Passenger Safety for the JPMA. Unfortunately, automobile collisions are among the leading causes of injury, hospitalization, and death among children in the United States.

Not only in South Carolina but also on a national scale, “We do see a high rate of misuse for car seats,” said Poore. This was not only the case in South Carolina but also in other states. According to our information, the percentage of people who misuse drugs in the state of South Carolina is somewhere in the neighborhood of 70 percent.

It is possible that the person did not know how to operate the seat properly for the particular child or the circumstances they were in.

This applies not only to the process of installing the car seats but also to the harnesses used to secure the child in place, as stated by Colella. “The word ‘ snug’ is quite appropriate.

Alternatively, using a seat after it was supposed to have expired without it being renewed.

Colella continues by saying that “a portion of it has to do with the use and deterioration of the materials,” and “a portion of that has a portion that not only has to do with the usage but also the climate.”

According to the information that was provided by SCDHEC, they intend to host special events at more than one hundred different locations across the state throughout the week.

According to Poore, “It could be at your local Target or at your local Walmart.” “There’s a chance that it took place at a fire station. We set up events in parking lots and invited people to come get their car seats checked. Once everyone is there, we set up the events.

One can make an appointment online to inspect their car seat by a trained professional at no cost. Anyone can make the appointment. The customer can schedule the appointment whenever it is most convenient for them.

“All it’s going to cost you is time, and you’ll probably get your child being safe, and even if you’re doing everything correctly, you’ll get peace of mind,” adds Poor. “The only thing it’s going to cost you is time.” “The only thing it will cost you is some of your time.”

The experts believe this is the most straightforward response; however, a more significant issue arises from the incorrect application of the everyday item.

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