How can you Make Your Online Learning More Productive with LiveLectures whiteboard?

Let’s leave it aside and just come straight to the topic, i.e., How can you make your online learning more productive with LiveLecture WhiteBoard. 

Well, this is the topic everyone is talking about because at the time of this epidemic, “COVID-19”. Everything can’t just stay closed because it is affecting things around us, mentally and financially too. 

And another reason for this topic to be in demand is that it can help students learn new things and grow at their own pace without even leaving their place, just by staying at home. 

It is a good thing right now because you should not leave your house at the time of this epidemic. 

But before coming to LiveLecture WhiteBoard that, we should know that: 

“How can online learning improve Someone’s Academic Performance?”

As discussed above, it can help students learn things without even leaving their place just by staying at their home. IT is a good thing that anyone can learn and study at their own pace and learn whatsoever they like. 

We can say that online learning has changed the education system for quite some time. Nowadays it is so popular that everyone wants to use it and it broadens opportunities for the students to learn many things. 

Online courses also offer many opportunities for adults who are working. They can learn new skills as per their requirements, and they can enhance their existing knowledge. It can help them get higher posts and will also help them get a wider view or aspect of their present work that will also lead to personal growth.

It can also help many to get employable by learning things online and can help in advancing the career of the youth. 

So, it can help us in many ways that no one can know. Some say that this way of learning is far better than the old-school ways of studying. 

Which comes to our question:  how can Online Learning help us improve our academic performance?

Some of the benefits of Online Learning with LiveLecture WhiteBoard are listed below:-

  1. The best thing about it is that online learning is for every level of education, as discussed earlier.
  1. It can help students to engage at a deeper level. And now you must be thinking about how. So, It can help because it provides timing adjustments to the students. They can learn things whenever they feel most productive. Which you should agree, is the best way of studying. Because If you are studying and you are not productive at the moment, then you are just wasting your time. But when you are fully productive and start learning, you grab the most out of it. So that is one of the best things that online learning provides us. 
  1. It also helps us improve Digital Literacy because when you are learning on a digital platform. You are working on it daily. You learn new things about it daily. IT is the best way to become digitally literate. 
  1. With the help of online learning platforms, there is no need for huge actual classrooms because all you need is a working internet to learn online, which is way cheaper. 
  1. The Internet provides multiple platforms to learn different topics, which is the best thing about it. Because now you can learn only the things which you want, not which are specified in your curriculum.

So, overall it is beneficial for the students in many ways. They can learn whatever they want, whenever they like and wherever they want. 

Now, let’s talk about how we can make our Online learning more productive with LiveLecture WhiteBoard ?

By now, you already know about the importance of learning online.

Now, let’s talk about how to make our learning productive. There are a few tips to make this happen.

There are two perspectives of making online learning more productive: one is the Teacher’s perspective, and the other is the student’s perspective.

We will be discussing the students perspective here, and we’ll talk about some of the tips as follows:-

Always Make Notes:

Students should never skip this step. Sometimes students do not make notes, which is not wrong in this case. But what happens is that it wastes their time if they have to revise something.

So, the student should always have a notebook with them to make notes about important things. Students should always write whatever the Teacher is teaching like in the live lectures; the student should make notes about the important stuff. 

There’s a reason behind making notes in online lectures that is the same as the LiveLecture WhiteBoard that whenever they want to revise it. They do not have to go through the whole lecture. 

They will have to go through the notes only. 

But here they have a plus point that in case they forget about something, if they miss something they can rewind the whole lecture and get to know about that stuff which is one of the best things about online lectures. 

If you miss something, you can go back and listen to it as many times as possible.

So this note-making can help the students and can help them make their online learning session more productive.

Always remember to take pause:

Now you must be thinking of why you take pause when you are in an online lecture; yes, you are right. Still, the thing is that when you are watching an online lecture for hours and hours, it makes your mind go tired, which lowers down your productivity and leads to not learning anything from the lecture, so you should always take small pauses between your lecture. 

So that you can gain your focus, and you can become more productive. Don’t just go for a 2 hour or a 3 hours lecture straight from start to end. Break it down into parts and take small 10-15 minutes to break between those parts. In those small breaks, what you can do is that you can revise, but you have studied in the past 30-40 minutes; this will be a great technique if you do it. And this way, you will never get tired or bored with your lecture. And you will always make the most out of it. This way, you will also make your online learning more productive. 

Always clear your doubts if you have any regarding the topic:

Now some of the students feel hesitant when it comes to clear their doubts in an online session. You should never feel hesitant when you are studying; you should always clear your doubts if there is any regarding the topic because if you will never clear your doubts in the online or live session, then there is no reason behind you sitting there just like a muppet.

So you should always clear doubts if there is anything you can do. You can write down your doubts on a page, or wherever you want at the end of the lecture, you can ask your Teacher, or you can and ask them in the comment section or in the chat section, which is the best thing about online sessions. So overall, you should never hesitate when it comes to asking or clearing your doubts. It will also help you make your online learning more productive, and you will get the most out of whatever you are learning.

Always make sure to use headphones or earbuds:- 

There is an important reason for this: the usage of headphones or

earbuds eliminate the horrible noises from the background or any other disturbance there. It will ultimately help you listen to your Teacher, and if you are in a noisy environment, then using the headphones and earbuds will help you get rid of that annoying background noise. Ultimately you will be able to listen to your instructor or Teacher. Which will lead you to be more productive when it comes to learning online. 

Tips for making the live session more productive with LiveLecture WhiteBoard:

Now the upcoming tips will help you become more productive LiveLecture WhiteBoard if you are in a live session with your Teacher with whomever. So if you are in a live session with your Teacher or in a meeting you should keep these tips in mind:- 

  • Be careful of what your camera is capturing:-

You should always be aware of whatever your camera is capturing behind you because what happened as you don’t know what’s going behind you and that camera captures it, and that will be shown on other screens. You will never know that, so you should always keep in mind that ever you are sitting for a live session, that area should be well lit. It would be great if there’s a wall in the background then the chances of strange things appearing in your break ground is zero, and if that’s not possible, then you should be sitting on a chair or desk with simple backgrounds or a picture or some books in the background that would be great. And the best place to set is where no one will interrupt you while you are in the live session.

  • Always dress appropriately:- 

This information might not be that relevant to make your online session more productive. Still, these tips will help you make your live session better in many ways, so you should always keep in mind that whenever you are going for a live session, you should always dress as if you are going to work. You should always represent yourself professionally and be attentive to your appearance even though you know that there is no one beside you in the room. The person who is listening to you or watching you should be positively affected by your appearance. Because your appearance always makes the first impression.

  • Always ask question or participate in the conversation whenever needed:-

Now, what happens as if you are not Converse setting properly, and you are not asking for participating in the conversation, then they might think that you are not paying attention, which is a bad sign for life situations. You should always pay attention and participate in the conversation and have your Teacher explain the concepts to others if there are any other students. It will always make a good impact on your Teacher, and you will always be attentive by doing this, and you’ll get the most out from your lecture or your live session.

  • Pay close attention to what the teacher is saying:-

Now, whenever you are attending a live session. You should always pay attention to whatever your Teacher or your professor is talking about. You should give your 100% while you are listening to the lecture; this will do two things: first, you will make a good impact on your professor or Teacher, which is a good thing. The other one is that you will get most out of your live session, and if you are getting most out of your live session, that is good because this is what you want.

Repeat yourself

Now you know all the good things about online learning or live sessions. There is a bad thing about it, and that is an online platform. There might be some bugs or disturbances in it, so you might always be prepared for such problems. Sometimes you are not audible to another person, or another person is not audible to you. In that case, you must always take a pause or wait for the connection to get stable, then you should repeat yourself and try to converse with another person. Because this is the best way if your internet connection is not stable, you should always wait for the connection to get stable and then continue repeating what you are saying or talking.

So, these were some steps and tips to make you online learning more productive with LiveLecture WhiteBoard. Try to follow these tips, and we are sure that you will get the most out of your online learning /live session.

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