The 10 Best Tips How To Stay Awake In Class

Late nights studying, working long hours, sitting in a warm classroom after a heavy lunch break, a long afternoon or evening session, or simply finding the teacher or subject matter a little uninteresting can lead to classroom sleepiness. Therefore the majority of the students always ask the same question how to stay awake in class? Are you one of those students, then don’t worry. We understand the situation of students. That’s why we are here going to discuss the best tips on how to stay awake in class.

Why Is Staying Awake In Class So Difficult?

One major reason is that lectures and PowerPoint presentations could be more engaging to listen to and focus on. These days, we are constantly surrounded by engaging and exciting entertainment. It will impair students’ focus in the classroom, and they cannot pay attention to their teacher’s lessons, etc.

While we are frequently informed that falling asleep in class is mainly due to a lack of interest or laziness.  It is a difficult task for our brains to work so hard to focus and remember information. Unlike physical exercise, which releases hormones and excitement, concentrating in class provides no hormonal boost to keep you awake. That’s why everyone wants to know how to stay awake in class. 

When listening to a boring lecture, we often feel tired. It needs to be more interesting to keep us awake. But the difficult task of staying focused and receiving, understanding, and memorizing new knowledge makes us tired and sleepy.

Tips On How To Stay Awake In Class

Mentioned below are some key tips on how to stay awake in class:-

Take a bath

Take a bath before you leave for the day if you’ve pulled an all-nighter and are nervous about staying awake in class. The key is to switch between cold and hot water. Try standing in cool water for 30 seconds. Then, turn the water up to the highest temperature you can take and stand for another 30 seconds. Your capillaries will expand, allowing more blood to flow through them. Finish the cycle with some freezing cold water. This was the first tip on how to stay awake in class.

Make use of natural stimulants.

Peppermint oil has the ability to rapidly expand your lungs and act as a pleasant wake-up call. You may use herbs in your food if you are not sensitive to them. It may help you stay awake in class.

Sit up straight

Sitting up straight is essential for keeping awake in class. It can also boost your energy levels throughout the day. Lying down causes your body to use 30% less oxygen than sitting up straight.

Always be active

Being active might help you in staying awake in class. Talking with your teacher or taking notes will help you stay awake and avoid falling asleep.

Drink a lot of water.

Water is a healthier alternative than coffee throughout the day. Dehydration can cause tiredness by interfering with the oxygen supply to the brain. So drink plenty of water and remain hydrated to stay awake in class.

Deep breathing

Deep breathing is another strategy to remain awake in class since it increases blood oxygen levels. This reduces your blood pressure, decreases your heart rate, and improves circulation.

Try to move your body.

You may become tired if you sit still for a long period of time. To feel more awake and to think more clearly, try to move your body. Take at least 10-minute breaks for activity every several hours, if you can. You can also try stretching your legs, knees, arms, and chest.

Chew gum

According to studies, keeping your lips active keeps your mind attentive. Chewing gum can help you in reducing sleepiness. Why? It helps to activate every part of the brain. Therefore, grab a stick of gum the next time you feel like sleeping off in class.

Open the window 

All you require to refresh is some cool, fresh air. It can be refreshing and pull you out of your daydream.

Splash water on your face

Washing your face is a good strategy to remain awake in class if you have time to yourself. When in contact with cold water, the human body responds quickly. Water can help you wake up since it is a tonic for the skin and brain.

Things You Should Avoid To Stay Awake In Class

As we already discussed, the tips on how to stay away in class. There are lots of people who may recommend energy drinks or smoking to stay awake in class. But only some of these things are useful but harmful for students. And it would help if you stayed away from such things. Mentioned below are some major things that you should avoid to stay awake in class:-


As we all know, coffee may help you stay awake and active. However, drinking too much coffee might result in a caffeine overdose. It would help if you consumed less than 100 mg of caffeine daily.

Drinking alcohol

Drinking alcohol to keep awake in class is a bad idea. Besides changing your sleep cycles, drinking can reduce your REM sleep and increase heartburn.

Energy drinks

Energy drinks might raise your chances of heart attack, stroke, or kidney failure. Instead, you should be relying on coffee and sweets. Try drinking more water.


Smoking might make falling and staying asleep more difficult. Smoking can cause breathing and sleep problems.

“Stay awake” pills

These medicines might cause nausea, vomiting, and sleep problems.


In this blog, we have discussed the best tips and tricks on how to stay awake in class. If you have trouble staying awake in class often, remind yourself to get enough sleep on “school nights” and try the above-mentioned tactics. If you apply these tips in your daily routine, you will soon see the change. Thus, our blog will become very useful for students, and it will also clear all their doubts regarding it. 

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