Top Skills to Put on Your Resume to Get Jobs in 2023

These are abilities that are unique to a certain position or sector of the economy. If you're seeking for a position as a software engineer, you may highlight technical talents 

Hard skills

These are skills that may be used in a variety of occupations and sectors. For instance, collaboration, problem-solving, and communication abilities

Soft skill

These are technologically oriented talents. Technical expertise in the Microsoft Office Suite, social networking platforms, and project management software

Technical skills

If you're fluent in multiple languages, be sure to list them on your resume. This is especially valuable if you're applying for a job in a global company or in a field  

Language skills

These are skills that involve interacting with others. For example, customer service skills, conflict resolution skills, and presentation skills 

Interpersonal skills

These are leadership and inspiration-related abilities. For instance, effective leadership requires the ability to delegate, make decisions, and manage time.

Leadership skills

These are the kinds of abilities that entail spotting and fixing issues. For instance, problem-solving abilities like creativity, critical thinking

Problem-solving skills

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