8 Best WordPress Tutorials for Beginners – Livelectures

Wordpress tutorials

WordPress is a very simple way to design your website or blog. You do not need to write any coding in WordPress. WordPress powers almost 37.5% of websites on the internet. WordPress is an open-source Content Management System (CMS). A CMS is generally a tool that makes it easy to manage the important features of … Read more

Learn Java Online From Expert Tutors

Learn Java Online

Java is a modern programming language which is owned by oracle company. At present, Java is running on more than 3 billion devices. By this figure, you can estimate the popularity and requirement for the Java language. So, now, if you are curious and want to learn Java online, then read this article thoroughly. Java … Read more

Best Way to Learn Python Online

Best way to learn python online

If you are not from a programming background, you can consider Python as the top programming language in 2020. But before learning Python, you must know the best way to learn python online for a beginner. Programming and coding is something that always needs to be understood in depth. If you do not choose the … Read more

Top High Demand Online Training Courses to Learn

Online training courses

Online learning is a new way for students to gain new skills. But most of the students are confused about choosing the right course and the right platform to learn that course. Many of them give away in between the course because they choose the wrong course and platform. They end up with a lack … Read more

Best Live Online Computer Courses for Beginners

Best Live Course for Beginner

Before learning any of the online computer courses, you must know your interest in that particular course. If you are a student, you are having a very interesting phase in your life. You are studying different types of subjects like maths, physics, history. You learn different types of subjects till class 10 like science, maths, … Read more

Importance Of Virtual classroom platforms In Today’s World

Virtual classroom platforms

Many say knowledge comes with time, while others believe it begins from knowing. Nowadays, learning is available to everyone, even in covid-19 situations, thanks to the Internet. Thus, people can take advantage of online classrooms in countries where traditional learning faces numerous obstacles.E-learning or virtual classroom platforms have so far been successful for the people … Read more